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Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports I

By Carol Steinberg from Boston

  “Female assist!” the male TSA agent bellows over my head.

carol steinberg bostonRed-faced but forcing transcendence, as streams of other travelers flow past me through the scanner and onto their gates, I wait in my wheelchair for the pat down. My husband and daughter have already taken off their shoes and belts, and sent them along with our carry-ons down the conveyer belt. They wait for me on the other side. I sense my husband’s increasing anxiety as minutes pass without the appearance of the female agent. As I sit stalled in frustration while everyone rushes about, I tell myself that Female Assist will appear soon enough, and we will get to our gate well before it is time to board for Barcelona.

 We have been here before.

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Carol Steinberg can be reached at  In this photo she is in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah. This article was published first February 27, 2016 in the Boston Globe online in the Lifestyle and Travel section.

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