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Still wonder why you cannot find reliable information to plan your trip?

Since 2011 we are building an international accessible travel platform with stories from travelers all over the world, truly accessible accommodation and high quality content collected from all kinds of places we visit when we travel.

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Airports, museums, hotels, public transport and so on.

We know travelers who have dedicated decades of their lives trying to help others by sharing tips to travel.

Even they reached some ten thousands of viewers or followers. Some personal blogs have a big following, yes, but that is something entirely different.

Social Media Jungle

Every single day someone new starts on Instagram sharing happy videos, or showing a great new accessible place that is available as holiday rental. Only a few go big, like BecomingRentABLE.

How do you even know the accessible places to stay are there? Who is going to spend days on end scrolling, clicking, searching? Have not met one single soul who does. Too much trouble, to easy get lost.

Since 2016 we started to build the website as a travel platform. In 3 years time we had a 40 people team working on the same goal.
Besides the ugly haters, copycats, website attacks and other online inconveniences something happened nobody could know – travel shut down worldwide.

Local travel has our priority

2,5 years later, some people start going places again. Many have lost the travel spark, or their entire travel budget to higher living cots. Travel is not a number one priority at the moment for many. We see that, and understand.

However, we continue to build and grow our resources, because every day someone goes online, and starts planning an accessible holiday for the first time. Why not explore the world closer to home. There are so many beautiful places to visit.

A parent, a husband, a carer, a son, a friend, a traveler

They need help, reliable information, great tips and of course, a place to go to. Not 10.000, but rather one, or just a handful.

It is impossible to map the world alone, that is why we continue to ask you to share our resources, send your stories to be published, comment on the website. And share. It is of no use if all these tips just sit there, on some invisible online cloud.

Many times we have reached out to all kinds of people with a passion for accessible travel to join our efforts, because only then millions can be reached and a difference can be made, together.


Everyone who can let go of ego and see the effect and results of shared efforts, is invited to continue to grow and expand their reach working with Accessible Travel Press. Because in the end it benefits all.

If you do not want to be featured or listed at the website, simply let us know. No strings attached.

If you do, use the links below, add your links in the comment sections of available country pages and share a referral link to Accessible Travel Press at your own blog or website.

After years of studying algorhythms, website traffic and engagement in the world of accessible travel, we know a thing or two about online presence of many out there.


That is why we offer to share your tips, services and products for free.
Travelers deserve to have one big place to use. It is hard enough as it is already, planning travels. Imagine you have to organize an accessible holiday!


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