women working

Female entrepreneurs in the accessible travel world – how they are successful

I have been doing research in the world of accessible travel for quite some time now, and I found this huge success factor that I need to share. The majority of accessible travel entrepreneurs are women. Some of them have a disability, some of them don’t. Some of them have a degree in tourism and travel, or marketing, some had a career in healthcare.

And they all are successful entrepreneurs in this fast growing travel market. First thing comes to mind is that women are carers, seeing the needs of others, wanting to make sure everybody has a good time on their holiday. And when it comes to people with disabilities, it is natural to them to fullfill that role as a caregiver.

What I found, is not that the stereotyping wins in this century of opportunities; women are totally in sync in this entrepreneurship. Women can also be very good in managing a business. Making decisions based on a healthy balanced thinking process – profits AND great customer services.

I celebrate these women, who stand up for people with disabilities traveling the globe. The extra care or special needs they have an eye for, is the winning tool to run their succesful business in the accessible travel world.