To list your property you can check our basic requirements or contact one of our offices.

Museums, Theme parks, historic sites

We need the following basic information on any location (museum, themepark, restaurant, outdoors recreation, etc) before listing your website on AccessibleTravel.Online:

  • a separate page on accessibility information in English on your website (preferably visible on the Homepage menu)
  • We will publish a direct link to the Accessibility page of your website
  • on the Accessibility page there should be information on:
    1. assistance dogs welcome sign
    2. locations of wheelchair access / ramps
    3. all accessible toilets locations
    4. accessible parking spaces
    5. facilities for the blind and visually impaired
    6. facilities for deaf people
    7. availability (rental) wheelchairs / mobility scooters
    8. guided tours
    9. Acceptance of EDC (European Disability Card – more info here)
    10. contact info trained employees (if available)

Fill out the form below to share what info is on your Accessibility page and simply use YES or NO.

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