November 28 5:00 pm January 19 12:00 am

Amsterdam Lights Festival

We highly recommend to visit this festival strolling or wheeling along the canals in the city center and catch the beautiful art. Best is to go by car and follow the route alongside the city waters.

To book an accessible boat tour we recommend the Blue Boat Tour.

“Disturbance lies at the heart of the exhibition of the eighth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Artists, designers, and architects were challenged to question, test and shake up Amsterdam in alignment with this year’s theme: DISRUPT!

A ‘disruption’, or sudden disturbance, usually comes at an inconvenient time and has to do with conflict, chaos or even danger. Think of an earthquake or a financial crisis. We, therefore, try to avoid disruptions as much as possible. Both in the comforts of our home and in our society as a whole, we rather fall in line. However, disruption is able to provide a positive, vital impetus for change too. It questions fixed assumptions, provokes new discussions, encourages people and organizations to take action, and makes previously unknown possibilities visible.”


Last year a work of art inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night was one of the art object on the art route of the Amsterdam Lights Festival.

Starry Night in lights in Amsterdam – Amsterdam Lights Festival


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