Public transport accessibility information

Public transport accessibility information


There is no tourist taxi service available that we know of.


  • NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) is the national railway company.
  • Eurostar – excellent services. Trains go to France, Belgium, the United Kingdom. Via this link you can read all you need to know, even about connecting to other trains in other countries. Departure from the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport.


There are many regional bus lines and in the bigger cities (The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht) there are city buslines.

You need a public transport pass. You can find info on the OV Chipkaart website to buy a pass, which is handy to have if your stay is for some weeks. You can plan your trip as well via the Door-to-door planner or the NS planner (trains only).

There is no information for wheelchair users on these websites, and some information for travelers with a visual impairment.


The 4 largest cities have a metro system and a tram system, click on the city name to know more on accessibility in public transport.
Amsterdam | Rotterdam/The Hague | Utrecht


If you want to visit the Waddeneilanden (Dutch Wadden Sea Islands) you can find information on the different ferries that take you to the islands on this website.

By car

Fuel service app
Fuel service app

If you drive yourself, use the Fuelservice app (click to find stations) to communicate with fuel stations so you can smoothly continue your road trip.

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