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Accessible Tours

ATO Partner Sano Touring has created a Romania Guide and a Bucharest guide for you. Feel free to share!

Alba IuliaFortress and Citadel

Baia MarePlanetarium (wheelchair accessible, facilities for the visually impaired. Watch the videos via the link)

Sinaia PelesCastle. A great blog on the Peles Castle you can read here.

A must go visit famous resort in Romania: Baile Felix

The thermal waters from here are well known for its miraculous effects in different diseases such as: rheumatism, neurological diseases, post traumatic disorders or associated disorders (nutritional and metabolic diseases, endocrine disorders). Among the treatment procedures we can mention: warm baths with mineral water, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aero heliotherapy in open pools with thermal water, wraps and mud baths. The hotel awaits you with special rooms fully equipped.