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Romania highlights accessible travel

ATO Partner Sano Touring has created a Romania Guide and a Bucharest guide for you. Feel free to share!

Eastern Europe is getting more and more popular. Romania is a great destination to explore. So many historic places to visit, cultural events both historic and very modern.

There are many surprising facts about this country where you can enjoy untamed nature, delicious traditional food and visit castles …

A great reason to visit Romania is the fact that there are over 1300 natural spas. Wellness resorts are famous throughout Europe and beyond.

Historic places

Alba IuliaFortress and Citadel

Baia MarePlanetarium (wheelchair accessible, facilities for the visually impaired. Watch the videos via the link)

Sinaia PelesCastle. A great blog on the Peles Castle you can read here.

A famous wellness resort: Baile Felix

The thermal waters from here are well known for its miraculous effects in different diseases such as: rheumatism, neurological diseases, post traumatic disorders or associated disorders (nutritional and metabolic diseases, endocrine disorders).


Among the many different treatments we can mention: warm baths with mineral water, electrotherapy sessions, hydrotherapy, aero heliotherapy in open pools with thermal water and wraps and mud baths. The hotel in Baile Felix awaits you with special accessible rooms fully equipped.