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Capital – Bucharest | Currency –  Leu (RON) | Timezone – GMT +2


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Wifi and Internet – Internet services are among the best in Europe. The coverage in Romania is very high. You can find wireless Internet in most hotels, tourist sites and restaurants.

Visa – Know more how to apply for a visa on this website

Language – the official language is Romanian. In most tourist locations English and French are spoken languages.

The ATO Office Romania  is located in Bucharest

Irina Romania

Please contact the Romania Office via

All accessible travel information on Romania at AccessibleTravel.Online is issued by Sano Touring, a specialized accessible travel agent.

The team in Bucharest is dedicated to arrange your unforgettable trip to the land of 1300 natural spas, music festivals, castles and fairy tales.

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Upcoming travel destination – Romania on your bucket list

Romania is an upcoming destination where travelers enjoy untamed nature, castles, cathedrals, friendly people and good food. Accessible tourism is definitely on the rise in this beautiful country at the Black Sea. Most popular is the wellness and spa holidays, the perfect place for that is Romania indeed!

ATO Travel Sheets – Download here

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If you live in Romania, you can apply for a European Disability Card here.


This card offers discount or free access to many tourist attractions and museums.  Management of museums, theme parks, historic sites and other tourist attractions that are or will be listed on Accessible Travel Online, can share this sticker on their website. Make sure to inform us you use it via