Greece Culture and Traditions Festivals in Crete, history, wines and olives

Greece Culture and Traditions

Who does not know the typical tempo of this dance. Enjoy this video!

Crete: a culinary surprise

It is no hardship to eat like a Cretan. The people of Crete eat well. Crete’s economy is based on agriculture, not only tourism.

With its rich plains and valleys covered with olive trees and vineyards added to the abundance of the surrounding sea, Crete has an enviable food culture.

Greece Culture and Traditions

The wine and olive oil are locally produced, traditionally processed and wonderful. The warm, sunny climate is perfect for growing delicious fruits and vegetables, and the Cretans also raise sheep and goats for dairy products and meat.

Their cheese and yogurt are fantastic, and the deserted scenery of Crete is usually sweetened by fresh honey. This is a place where the ordinary food is truly extraordinary.

Greece Culture and Traditions

Village experiences

Visiting inland Crete can be a real adventure! In the villages of Crete one has the opportunity to experience the real Crete, the heartbeat of the island.

ARGALEIOS weaving Crete Greece

In the village and country side of the island, you can still find the traditional Cretan man on his return from his daily chores and work drinking his coffee whilst playing back gammon and reading his daily paper.

As Crete might be an island but the Cretans are curious people as well as eager to understand the world they live in.
The women for generations have handed down the art of dying, and weaving textiles, an activity known to them already from the times of Homer. The wise and virtuous woman, Penelope!

Crete Greece

The countryside, is where someone can see authentic Crete, but could also engage in traditional festivals, accompanied by the sound of the Cretan Lyra one of the most ancient musical instruments. You can also taste the famous Cretan food and the traditional products!

And for those that love outdoor activities such as hiking and more, this is the right place. Blending with locals, or participating their village activities, such as sheep-shearing, or cheese making is leading to a more hands on memorable experience.

In either case, whatever aspect or route you choose to travel and explore, you will be rewarded with an abundance of the aromas, colors, tastes and scents of the mountains or valleys of Crete, the earth-bound people that you will encounter will make it a true experience not to forget!


One can never experience the true heart and soul of Crete, without tasting its raki – Crete’s most renowned drink – and dance to the sounds of Lyra – Crete’s emblematic musical instrument- along with its beautiful and friendly inhabitants.

Greece Culture and Traditions

Festivals in Crete

Every summer Crete is filled with small festivals where Cretan music- still alive and productive even in nowadays- is played in villages all over the countryside.

Concerts, art exhibitions, local and even international events complete the picture of an island of culture and provide the visitor with pleasures not only for the eyes but mainly for the soul.

Greece Culture and Traditions



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