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Heraklion – Heraklion International Airport is “friendly” to disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility, and has the equipment that covers their basic needs:

  • There are lifts, disabled ramps, toilets specially designed for disabled people in all rooms (arrivals – departures – check in)
  • There is a special waiting area in the departure lounge
  • Parking of disabled people outside the building (Arrivals – Departures)
  • In the airport there are HANDLING Companies, that offer services to disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility, who after the request of the interested parties, undertake to offer them all services in accordance with the European Regulation.
    They have all the necessary equipment (special medical lift vehicles for boarding / disembarking, wheelchairs, specially trained staff, etc.).

If you need any further assistance please contact the ATO Crete Office in Heraklion at




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