Europe – accessible holidays and accommodation

Europe – accessible holidays and accommodation

In these country guides you will find hundreds of available pages of accessibility information in airports, on airlines, in museums, attractions, theme parks, accessible outdoors recreation, accessible hotels, historic sites and of course great highlights.

It is not always about luxurious, expensive trips to far away places … you can use these country guides also to plan a day out in your own city or country.
A day to the museum or a themepark, you will be surprised how many accessible places you will find!

In several country guides you will find great reviews and stories of travel bloggers, who write beautifully about their travel experiences.

To read in your own language, use the right mouse click to translate into your preferred language.

Where do you want to go to?

Accessible destinations – tips and reviews

Enjoy videos in each country to get a taste of the region. Contact our local partners for a booking or any question you have. They are the experts, and speak the language.

Go here to leave a review for wheelchair access at AccessAdvisr, our review partner in Europe.


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General travel services

Disability Card

Sometimes information is limited to the European Disability Card service, or railway companies. On the bright sight we can share that you will find reliable information for all countries here.

Free downloads

Also, in many country guides you will find our translated free downloads in Travel Sheets Information (travel with medication, with your assistance dog, when you have a visual or hearing impairment) in French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German or Dutch.

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Extra information for hotel management:
Until the end of 2020 we offer free listing to accessible properties around the world

We are happy to promote and list accessible hotels, holiday rentals, lodges or other accessible properties from all over Europe. Please read more here.

Europe accessible holidays and accommodation
Accessible bathroom Hotel Middelpunt in Belgium