Etimu Rogers CEO

Etimu Rogers: accessible safari specialist

This is the story of Etimu Rogers, who lives in the pearl of Africa, Uganda. Etimu runs the ATO Office for Uganda.


Growing up in one of Africa’s biggest slum areas, I witnessed the challenges persons with disabilities go through whenever it came time to travel and vacation.

Etimu Rogers CEO


Often time’s persons with disabilities are left out, with claims that they require extra assistance. One of my best friends was crippled and often times I was expected to assist him during travel and adventures which was challenging but due to the strong friendship bond with this friend of mine I developed the love and passion of working with special need groups.


In the year 2015 my crippled friend passed away and I always felt the gap and since then I promised myself to start a project that extends assistance services to all special need groups as tribute to my late crippled childhood friend.

Passion for accessible travel

Meanwhile, I have a passion for travel and tourism since childhood. I started off working as a travel agent, traveled all Uganda and spent one year in a travel agency volunteering as a Tour Leader. After a few years of exploration and working with travel agencies and tourism destinations in Uganda, I was looking for a new dimension in the tourism industry of Uganda and I decided to start an exploration project specializing in accessible travel in Uganda.

This gave me the opportunity to share the beauty of the place I call my home, help others to make the most out of their stay, adventure and work in a field that I love: tourism and travel with full inclusion of persons with disabilities as tribute to my lost childhood friend.

Uganda – pearl of Africa

Uganda is a celebrated and fast growing unique tourist destination in Africa that has a lot to offer the World. From gorilla trekking, African cultural encounters, wildlife safaris, adrenaline adventures to mention only a few with full inclusion of persons with reduced mobility.

From accessible wildlife safaris, monuments, to inclusive accommodation and transportation, our safaris provide accessible and inclusive experiences in Uganda for disabled people and their travel companions. We provide reliable and extensive information on accessible sights, activities, routes and much more in Uganda to answer all the questions a disabled traveler may have.

All to help to put you at ease and assure your accessibility requirements are met.
Welcome to Uganda and get a taste of the real undiscovered Africa yourself!

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