palace dam square netherlands

Culture and traditions – Europe



Culture and traditions – Europe

Culture and traditions – Europe – Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain

Music, literature, the arts, it takes more than a lifetime to dive into all that is out there. So many extraordinary places to visit, where you can see, feel and embrace culture and traditions.

We start here with Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain

palace dam square netherlands
Royal Palace Amsterdam, the Netherlands


What are the odds? The page of Belgium culture and traditions is one of the highest ranking searches on our website!

Food, festivals and folklore – in Belgium you can find some world famous dishes and music festivals.

The Netherlands

If you visit Amsterdam, do not forget to pay a visit to the internationally renowned Concert Hall in Amsterdam.

Some of the greatest musicians and singers have performed at the Royal Concert Hall, that is said to have one of the best acoustic halls in the world.

In the Museum District, you can easily spend an entire week in a 1 km2 area to soak up lots and lots of culture.


The land of fairy tales, arts and crafts

The Romanian countryside has a truly fairy tale quality throughout winter days when tourists can enjoy a wooden-sleigh ride across this perfect setting.

And with countless guesthouses where local farmers are welcoming visitors with mouth-watering dishes, a travel to the Romanian villages offers a great opportunity of experiencing a sense of authenticity.

You’ll find numerous villages where you can pick handmade gifts that are a true example of the Romanian folk ingenuity


Family and food. Food and family. Remember that! Learn all about how to eat tapas and what is flamenco really?

Flamenco is perhaps the most famous Spanish tradition but also one that is often misunderstood.

Flamenco is not a dance but does sometimes have dancing in it. Rather it’s a musical style with far more emphasis on the guitar, vocals, and rythm than on the dancing

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