Tours in Martinique

Accessible scuba diving, historic sites, beautiful beaches and the best Carnaval

Accessible tours in Martinique

fort de france martinique

Fort de France

Visit the city of the poet Aimé Cesaire.

Enjoy the spice market, the Malécon, and its souvenir shops.

The historic Fort is home to iguanas. The nearby Parc de la Savane is beautiful.

Did you know there is a statue of Josephine de Beauarnais, Napoleon’s wife, in Martinique?

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Martinique forest

Rainforest and volcano tour

Departure from Fort de France to reach the volcano at St Pierre mountain Pelée through the tropical forest.

Visit of a rum distillery, the history of St Pierre town completely destroyed by the eruption of 1902.
Return in the afternoon by the Caribbean coast and its fishing villages.

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martinique parachute

Experience tandem skydiving

Watch this video to know what it is like!

If you ever dreamed about flying, we recommend to go to Martinique and book a day of skydiving.

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Noel scuba diving Martinique

Accessible scuba diving

This is a group of blocks in columns. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs.

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accessible pool martinique

Island tour before you start your Caribbean cruise

In November – 3 days in Martinique for all who go on a Caribbean cruise. Fully accessible accommodation with accessible pool, a guided day tour or two, lovely fresh sea food and the best sunsets.

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accessible tours in martinique

Boat trips and catamaran sailing

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martinique in the city

Noel and his team in Martinique can offer you a variety of tours – from scuba diving to skydiving, relaxing boat trips or rainforest visits.

Discover Martinique!

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