Jamaica reggae and sunsets

General information

Capital – Kingston | Currency –  Jamaican Dollar | Timezone – GMT -5


Jamaica view

Visa – There is no visa required.

Language – the official languages are English and Jamaican Creole. In most tourist locations English is the spoken language.

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Jamaica reggae and sunsets

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Paradise of Eden

Jamaica offers to travelers in search of paradise an Eden both wild and welcoming.

With more than 120 rivers, 23 species of orchids including 60 endemic, 3000 variety of flowering plants including 800 indigenous, 200 species of birds including 25 endemic, intact tropical rainforests, and high altitude tropical forest, mountains, hills as far as the eye can see, 80 species of endemic butterfliles, dry savannah, cactus, 550 species of ferns, coral reefs, and hundreds of varieties of marine animals.

The island is a real heaven for nature lovers.

Flora and Fauna

Scuba diving and beach life

With thousands miles of coasts, Jamaica is the ideal destination to take the plunge.

The island offers a huge variety of coastal landscape, from golden sand bordan a warm and turquoise sea, to coats cut by the fury of the waves. The richness of the marine fauna makes the island a dream place for scuba diving.

Jamaica reggae and sunsets

Jamaica reggae and sunsets : a music heartbeat

Jamaica land of reggae, especially with Bob Marley’s international success, imposed Jamaica to the eyes of the world.

More than just a music style, the reggae and its modern derivative, makes the heart of the island beat. The pervasive music dictates the rhythm of every day activities, and irrigates any elements of the Jamaican culture.

Jamaica reggae and sunsets