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The accessible travel library is not a fancy, super videos, book your tours now website – it is a travel resource with a serious note.

Youtube collections

Our collections vary from Youtube playlists with some 300 videos, day tours, outdoors tips, recommended travel agents, travel products, apps, travel blogs and of course the major review websites where you can find so much information.

All hands on deck

Everything is checked and verified before it’s published. The whole world cannot be mapped in a day, and we could use many more hands on deck.

There are hundreds if not thousands of channels on social media of travelers sharing tips, videos and stories. These personal posts inspire many, but also are there just in the moment.

Do you miss information?

If a place, a hotel, a park or even a country is not on our website it does not mean Accessible Travel Press is not what you expect it to be, or want it to be. Our work is not finished, since 2011 we collect high quality accessible travel information. It will take more decades to build the ultimate accessible travel library. There are already tens of thousands of links to websites and pages in our resources.


The focus is location or accommodation accessibility information, checked and verified, in English and available on the website we link to. It would be fantastic if we could share and collect more accessible places.

Making one big online database has been our goal from the start.

accessible travel press

This requires active sharing, posting, connecting, recommending in the accessible travel community.

We cannot do social media promotion alone.

We need you!

Let’s get on with our mission to grow and reach that 100.000 followers milestone this year.

Sign up today at www.accessibletravel.online. We do everything we can to reach as many people as we can, we do need your support to cross country borders in the online algorhythm world.

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