3,234 ViewsJamaica, Ya mon! Cheers – a Caribbean adventure An Italian in Jamaica In Jamaica, the Caribbean island of reggae and sunshine, and beautiful nature, many people find a relaxing holiday destination. Adrien, co-founder of Jamaica Mobility moved from Italy to this beautiful island in the Caribbean. His company specializesContinue Reading

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Martinique Access Ile Noel Cicalini

3,749 Views MARTINIQUE – CARIBBEAN Accessible sports in merveilleux (wonderful) Martinique Merveilleux Martinique – accessible activities Scuba diving and parachuting Noel Cicalini founded Martinique Access’île, a social travel agency, in 2010. Noel, himself a paraplegic, is specialized in organizing holidays for handicapped people and the elderly. Martinique guide Go directlyContinue Reading

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Accessibility 101 for hotels

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south dakota

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Aurelie going global on wheels

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