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Beach life and sunsets

Beach life and sunsets

We are going to the beach, are you coming?

If you use the search ‘beach’ at our website, you go from Florida to Thailand, to Australia. Of course it brings you to Spain, to the Caribbean: Jamaica and Martinique.

Over the past 10 years, beach access has been improving around the world.

This will no doubt continue with double speed in the near future due to social media posts sharing photos of accessible beaches, and more and more cities and municipalities sharing beach access information, like the American city of Venice in Florida, or in California, where a detailed map is available to know all beach wheelchair or ramps and other access facilities at more than 100 beaches.

Beach life and sunsets
Clearwater Beach, Gulf Coast, Florida


In Europe, you find a lot of beach holiday destinations, for instance at the gorgeous Greek island of Crete.

Beach life and sunsets
Beach toilet, Lloret de Mar, Spain

As the ATO Crete Office says: “Amoudara is a lovely beach located just 5 kilometres west of the town of Heraklion. It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness. The sandy beach features all the conveniences for its visitors such as toilets, shower, lifeguard station, first aid station, sun umbrellas and sun-loungers. Access to the beach is made easier by wooden walkways and ramps”.

Beach hotels around the world

But also to a beach hotel in Belgium or the beautiful beaches of Thailand and other places you might not think of immediately, like the fully accessible hotelvilla in Senegal, near the beach of Bargny where you can stay with your whole family or in groups.

Beach life and sunsets
Bargny beach, Senegal
Beach life and sunsets
San Diego, California

Beach trax

A day at the beach, or even just a stroll for a few hours along the shore is such a lovely experience. For people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, it can be difficult to get on the beach due to the sand. Beach wheelchairs may not be available or a feasible option for everyone.

Beach life and sunsets
San Francisco, California

A fantastic solution is the revolutionary Beach Trax, a portable pathway. The advantages of this beach product are that it is foldable, easy in use, and it can be carry-on luggage on airplanes!

The adaptive surfing community has embraced this wonderful pathway, invented in California, where beach life is a second nature. Here at Accessible Travel Online we would like to see beach resorts and hotels as well as beach clubs have their own set of Beach Trax ready to use.

It is good for every day use, events, weddings and travel. Basically all wheels benefit, people using a walker, parents using a stroller. To learn more, visit the website of Access Trax.

Take a pony at the beach in Scotland

Another beautiful story we really would like to share in this sandy blog, is about Simon Mulholland, who takes people to the beach with his pony. He lives in Scotland making the countryside accessible to everyone. Simon has been doing so for 9 years already.

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