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Public Transport


By bus – excellent services by Transport Canberra


Excellent information and services on trains, trams and buses throughout all of Victoria.

By car

Fuel service app
Fuel service app

If you drive yourself, use the Fuelservice app (click to find stations) to communicate with fuel stations so you can smoothly continue your roadtrip.


Here you can find info on accessible parking in Australia.

Public Toilets

Changing Places offers a map and lots of information on each public restroom facility in Australia. You can use the map on this website. If you prefer  you can download a pdf file that lists all locations in Australia.

The MLAK system has been fitted to elevators at railway stations, accessible toilets in Council municipalities and National Parks and in adaptive playground equipment (Liberty Swing) across Australia.

To gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities, including Changing Places, you need a MLAK key, which you can order here.