Australia Airports accessibility info

Australia airports accessibility services

Australia Airports accessibility info

Avalon Airport – VICTORIA

Avalon airport is located between Melbourne and Geelong

“Avalon Airport is one of the most accessible airports in the country. The terminal doesn’t have any stairs to navigate, no long walks and our car parking is right out the front of the terminal.

We have dedicated disability parking, we have assistance dog relief areas, and ambulant bathrooms.

The introduction of the Aviramp is a natural progression of this; the unit provides a dignified boarding method for passengers with reduced mobility. We’re really trying to be as accessible as possible to as broad a range of passengers as possible.”

Read more on the Aviramp International here.

Australia Airports accessibility info
Avalon Airport

Brisbane Airport

Adelaide Airport

Cairns Airport

Darwin Airport

Melbourne Airport

Perth Airport (Scroll down in the menu on this page to download the full Accessibility Plan at Perth airport)

Sydney Airport 

“As part of our broader commitment to improving accessibility across the airport and providing a more comfortable and inclusive experience, we have delivered an innovative new 306 square metre bathroom set at T1 International that includes an assistance animal toilet.”

Australia Airports accessibility services
Sydney Airport, Australia service dog toilet



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