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 Travel Junkie

Sandra is a travel junkie, and not the ordinary one. She flies to places that would not come to your mind when you think about travel, leisure and tourist attractions.

Sandra’s story

“Everybody should have access to their human rights and live their lives independently. Since 2000 I have been working with different organizations (Liliane Foundation, VSO and Handicap International) to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in developing countries. I have worked as project manager, technical advisor and coordinator and/or as operational coordinator in Namibia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Pakistan and currently Myanmar.

I coordinate development and humanitarian aid projects aimed at inclusion of persons with disabilities, access to services and disaster risk preparedness. I am working and traveling with my assistance dog Wizzard and I continue to fight for his right to travel with me in the cabin of airplanes.

What she loves most

Apart from my work, working with Wizzard and spending time with family and friends, I like to travel, to read and go to enjoy concerts. I do not have a favorite country to visit as every country that I have been to has kind people and beautiful nature.”