Hotel Info Sheets

Danielle and her assistance dog Noah

We have created info sheets for hotel staff – easy to read, free downloads. Our Ambassadors Helma (ATO Ambassador for Assistance dogs) and Danielle (ATO Ambassador for the blind and visually impaired) recommend to share this widely.

How to welcome guests with visual impairment in your hotel 
(free download, English)
Comment accueillir dans votre hôtel des clients ayant un handicap visuel 
(free download, Français)
How to welcome assistance dogs in your hotel 
(free download)

Property listings

accessible hotel room

How to list your property on ATO

Basic requirements to be listed on ATO

At AccessibleTravel.Online, we check before we share. This is why we conduct accessibility audits before your listing is published and promoted. It is very important, for all your guests, to know what to expect and when you have a (un)visible disability, it is crucial. Our team of experts can help you here. Contact the ATO offices to schedule an audit.

ATO Academy


All members of the ATO Travel team have traveled the world, from Sierra Leone to Bulgaria to China to the United States. From France to Italy to Japan to Tajikistan.

Shanne en Danny

They run marathons, they swim, they handbike, they ski, they hike. They are parents, artists, award winners. They have dogs, and, they love to travel.


The team members travel upon request. They are available to give presentations at conferences, schools, public offices, tourism boards. To make a booking contact us via Maximum time slot 6 hours, including traveling.  Maximum 20 people attending per visit. Limited availability. Basic fee 795 euro (travel expenses excluded).

If you want something really different – try their stories. We guarantee you that your employees will be motivated, inspired and eager to find their best self after a session. The ladies on our team will improve skills like time management, decision making, communication and customer services after a morning or an afternoon session with your staff. They will bring you an inspiring mix of a talk, a workshop and staff training all-in-one.