Traveling by plane with your assistance dog

Traveling with your assistance dog, that is a whole different chapter. In some countries you are not too welcome, in other places people don’t know better. Some airlines are very customer friendly, others are not.

Helma en Banios
Transavia – Helma and her dog with the entire crew during a flight in Europe


Traveling with your dog is quite an adventure for you both. As you dog needs to adjust all the time, it is quite demanding. One of the basics is to get your dog to do his business, question is, how do you do that when you have a transfer at the airport? Or when you need to be 1 hour early at the gate and it is time to go?

At some airports you find dog toilets, great invention for those who need it!

How to prevent people from petting your dog?

Get your dog a Travel Sign – it will be very helpful during your trip abroad. More info here.

How to explain your dog is not a pet but your 24/7 partner

Danielle and her assistance dog Noah

For hotels or other holiday accommodation you have booked, we have created this sheet for all assistance dog owners. It is very handy to have with you while traveling. It is written for hotel management, however, every moment of awareness will contribute in a good way, right? Feel free to share this sheet:

How to welcome assistance dogs in your hotel (free download)

danielle en collin met assistentiehond
expositie Mijn geZICHT

Assistance dog travel info tool in 15 languages

Explaining what an assistance dog is, and why your dog needs to be with you at all times, at any location, is quite hard when you are not really comfortable with the language people speak in the country you are visiting. We have Travel Sheets for you, especially translated for ATO by native speakers, in the following languages:

 BrazilChineseDutch, FrenchGermanHebrewItalianIndonesian, JapanesePortuguese (Portugal, Azores islands), RomanianPolish,
Spanish (Spain & Baleares Islands, Central America,
South America),Thai and Vietnamese.

travel sheets portuguese

Assistance Dog organizations around the world

International Guide Dog Day – April 24


Japan – Japan Assistance Dog Association


North America

ATO Ambassador Assistance Dogs

We are very proud that Helma Verhoeven, who created the foundation for the Dutch legislation on assistance dogs, is our Ambassador Assistance Dogs Worldwide. She was rewarded for her ongoing and outstanding mission, that all assistance dogs should be welcomed everywhere, with a high official medal of honor, in the name of the King of the Netherlands, the ‘Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau’ decoration.

The ATO logo is designed with all living with a disability in mind.


ATO BLOG – Assistance Dogs

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