Lazarillo app in Chile

932 ViewsLazarillo app in Chile Chile Lazarillo app in Chile A navigation tool for the visually impaired Before you read the story of René, the founder of the Lazarillo app, watch this video that explains you what Lazarillo is and how it works. René Espinoza, founder and CEO of theContinue Reading

languages flags

762 ViewsHow to cross language barriers How to cross language barriers Communicate the basics We made Travel Info Sheets, a handy translation tool to take along when you travel by air or by train to Europe, or Asia or anywhere in the world! In a few words you can explainContinue Reading

Audio menus - restaurant service for the visually impaired

602 ViewsQR menu services and 3D – a whole new world QR menu services Visually impaired people – the largest group of people with a disability If you still think that people with a disability are people in wheelchairs, pushed by family member or a friend, you need to updateContinue Reading

Welcome App

1,266 Views WelcoMe App Customer Service – updated August 16, 2020 WelcoMe App customer service The WelcoMe App addresses the issue of inadequate customer service for visitors with specific accessibility requirements caused by a lack of disability awareness and confidence of staff members. Free ‘Welcome’ App brings freedom and independenceContinue Reading

International Assistance Dog Week

752 Views Be aware of Assistance Dogs! Be Aware of Assistance Dogs A while ago our CEO published this LinkedIn article ‘Let’s get personal‘.  One of many articles that will hopefully help create more awareness. In the 21st century, with all technology, engineering and architectural know how and experience available,Continue Reading

accessible hotel room

1,199 Views Accessibility tips for hotels Accessibility tips for hotels Every hotel is different. Hotels can be cities, with over 1.000 rooms or as small as 2 rooms as in a lovely family hotel in an Asian mountain village. Hotels have a focus on families, on business people, or both.Continue Reading

this is holland and amsterdam lookout4

877 Views Amsterdam: A’DAM Lookout! and THIS IS HOLLAND Amsterdam: A’DAM Lookout! and THIS IS HOLLAND Tourist attractions in Amsterdam is not to be missed: Amsterdam Lookout and THIS IS HOLLAND Located on the north side of the IJ, the water dividing the city center and the northern part of Amsterdam.Continue Reading


894 ViewsBiosphere 2 in Arizona, United States Biosphere 2 in Arizona, United States Biosphere 2 The University of Arizona owns and operates Biosphere 2. It is a unique place to visit, and we are happily sharing it is open to the public, and all that can be done to makeContinue Reading

Sandra Emons

630 ViewsGuestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II Guestblog: wheelchairs and airports Part II Sandra, wrote one of the first guest blogs for Accessible Travel News in February 2017. Accident For more than 10 years, I have worked for an organisation that campaigns for people with disabilities to achieve equal participationContinue Reading