Thailand highlights

Thailand highlights

Floating Market

In Thailand we can recommend a lovely place called the floating market, where you will see live is all about living on, near and by the water. It is located near Ratchaburi.

thailand highlights
The floating market

Visit this wonderful place with the possibility of a boat tour and have a moment to be face to face with all the market sales people on their klongs (small canals) from ‘boat to boat’.

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Ayutthaya temple


We also recommend Ayutthaya, the old capital city of the kingdom of Siam. You will see the most beautiful old temples, where you can share the old culture with the people of Thailand.

Steffen’s favorite place is the Kings Palace in Bangkok. This truly mesmerizing place is for more than 90% accessible.

thailand palace
Royal Palace in Bangkok

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace covers an area of 218,000 square metres and is surrounded by four walls. After the cultural part of the tour you can enjoy the modern Bangkok and checkout how accessible and wonderful shopping can be in one of the biggest malls in Thailand.


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