Genius kid plays Queen

6 year old prodigy plays Queen

There are no barriers in the arts

We all know Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli and Frida Kahlo. The world knows many more artists and we like to share them here. ATO founder Marlies is a big fan of the Arts and to her travel and art are intertwined.

Around the globe the most beautiful works of art are made, by people with disabilities, too much to see or know it all. Here we like to highlight art coming from all continents, to raise more awareness and simply to enjoy it!


Find more art from around the world at the Art section.

United States – Stephen Wiltshire, draws city skylines from memory


The Rollettes are probably the most famous dance group you have heard of. Read all about them here.

Ray Charles singing ‘Georgia on my mind’

Deafinitely Dope

Film, Photography and Animation

All children want to play – Award winning video “Ian” we wholeheartedly recommend.

Also watch another great video about a Guide dog named Pip.

The video Cuerdas will leave you teary eyed. A great work of art and a tribute to all who can relate.


Funda Mujde, a Dutch comedian and writer, wrote a book ‘Niemand vraagt meer waar ik vandaan kom‘ (Nobody asks where I come from anymore)

Harry Potter – large font series

Bloomsbury Publishing has released a range of books that have been adapted for people with dyslexia.

The books have large dyslexia friendly fonts, tinted paper for glare reduction and maximum contrast, clear captions and detailed descriptions to accompany each illustration. The 7 books in the first series are available in large print.

Deaf poets society

A great new writers platform:

Do you create art, paintings, embroidery, pottery, music?

Did you write a travelbook? Are you a photographer? Do you dance or perform on stage? Share it with us, and we will let the world know.

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