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Danielle is our Ambassador for the Blind and Visually Impaired Worldwide

Danielle is also the strongest mother we know. The energy she has is enormously warm and contagious. Being of mom of 2, having a job, living a life like anybody else, she has the illness called Retinitis Pigmentosa. This very progressive illness causes blindness or severe loss of sight and changed her life forever.

Danielle ATO Ambassador

This amazing woman manages to live with this AND inspire so many others. She has made her appearance on regional and national media in the Netherlands. She learned to read braille, has an assistance dog, is very actively involved (she runs half marathons) in a sports organisation called the Running Blind, got her diploma as a professional sports masseuse and she is our Ambassador for the Blind and Visually Impaired Worldwide.

Running Blind – her sports club

Watch a video of Danielle participating in one of many events organised by the  sports nonprofit Running Blind.

The visually impaired is the largest group within the community of people with disabilities and yet many improvements have to be made. The digital age has brought tremendous freedom and independence, as goes for accessibility online. Danielle will promote the importance of good lighting, braille products, and naturally assistance dogs for the blind, or guide dogs.

Danielle and her assistance dog Noah

Helma is our Ambassador for Assistance Dogs Worldwide

Helma traveled with her assistance dog Banios from her home in the south of the Netherlands to the residency of the Ministry of Health, in the Hague. Along the way, she wanted to stay at hotels and restaurants. They were refused many times.

Helma ATO Ambassador

Helma made it happen for assistance dogs to be recognized by law in the Netherlands (2016) for their owners, meaning that assistance dogs are not to be refused in any location. The assistance dog of Helma was trained at the BultersMekke Foundation

Helma leads the way for assistance dogs

Watch a video of Helma at the start of her national 2 weeks tour across the Netherlands creating awareness for assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs are the difference between independence and always being dependent on other people. These specially trained dogs are very important. The BultersMekke foundation is a  certified member of the Assistance Dogs Europe organisation.