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Capital – Dodoma | Currency – Tanzanian Shilling | Timezone – GMT +3

Tanzania guide accessible travel

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ATO Office in Tanzania

Kivaria Tanzania

The ATO Tanzania Office is based in Arusha. You can email Kivaria for your accessible safari adventures at tanzania@accessibletravel.online.

Kivaria and his team at Zicasso Expeditions offer accessible safaris.

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Visa – Please find all information about visa and passes here Visa info Tanzania.

Languages – The official languages are English and Swahili.

About Tanzania

Tanzania is located on the eastern coast of Africa and has an Indian Ocean coastline approximately 1,424 kilometers (885 mi) long. There are over 120 ethnic groups on the Tanzanian mainland, most of whom migrated from other parts of Africa over the millennia, whilst on the coast.

The Tanzania culture is Swahili, an Arab/African mix, but there are also big Asian communities, particularly Indian, in towns and cities. Tribes inhabit rural areas, including the Maasai of the Great Rift Valley of the north. It is okay to photograph the locals, but always ask first. Some Maasai will charge you for this.

Tanzania guide accessible travel

What is Tanzania best known for?

Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most famous national parks and natural attractions, including Mount Kilimanjaro- highest free standing mountain in Africa 5895 M.
Moreover, Tanzania is home to many of the best and biggest parks in Africa, and some of the most varied and unique landscapes that you’ll ever see.

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From grasslands to woodlands, rock formations, and mountain peaks, there’s no question that Tanzania features some amazing opportunities for sightseeing, and photo-hunting alike. No safari would be complete without a glimpse of a few of the “Big Five,” or the chance to see some lesser-known, but equally fascinating animals.

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Fortunately, Tanzania does not disappoint. The great migration is not the only aspect of Tanzania that is worth seeing. Herds of grazing animals mean that predators won’t be far away.

In Tanzania, you will have the opportunity to see lion, cheetah, leopards, and hunting dogs.
If you are curious about what this beautiful country has to offer, here is are number of reasons it is regarded as one of the best safari destinations in Africa.


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