Morocco Public Transport

Morocco Public Transport

Morocco Public Transport
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The train company in Morocco ONCF has new services for travelers with a disability.

Morocco Public Transport

ONCF is committed to making travel easier for people with reduced mobility.

To provide better travel conditions for people with reduced mobility (PRM), ONCF has implemented an “accessibility policy” offering this category of travelers a host of services tailored to their specific needs.

ONCF has redesigned all its spaces to improve the access to trains. This policy is reflected in numerous developments at the station and rolling stock, as well as in training for front-line staff to better understand the needs of travelers with a disability.

In this sense, and in order to bring installations, tracks and platforms into conformity, various equipment intended to improve accessibility have been installed.

At the stations

Adequate welcome and sales areas, toilets for PRM in the station, dedicated parking spaces and accessibility amenities (ramps, lifts, wheelchairs).

On the platforms

Adapted circulation paths, elevated crossings, raised platforms and wheelchair lifts.

On board

Dedicated travel areas and bathroom facilities adapted to travelers with a disability.






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