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Serengeti, Tanzania

From Cape Town to Cairo

Accessible travel is upcoming in many African countries

Fully accessible cruise ships take you on an adventure never to forget in Egypt. Accessible safari vehicles are available to make your dream come true of seeing an elephant or a lion. Accessible tourism is on the agenda and that is certainly noticed by more and more travelers.

Egypt Accessible Nile cruise
Accessible cruise ship Acamar – Nile cruise Memphis Tours, Egypt

Enjoy videos in our Country Guides to get a taste of the region, find out about highlights and the breathtaking outdoors you find on this vast continent. Explore the jungle on a breathtaking safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

Visit Morocco where you find the second best gastronomy in the world. How about Senegal, where you enjoy the ocean and fresh sea food. And Egypt … just wow!

safari south africa game view
Safari in South Africa

Are you dreaming of Africa? Always wanted to go on a safari? Or see the ancient pyramids?

Explore these country guides!

In these country guides you will find all available pages of accessibility information in airports, on airlines, outdoor recreation, hotels, historic sites and of course great highlights in the the African countries listed here.

Our team is dedicated to share as many accessibility information as we can find. We share only available pages, because we need to be sure you can rely on our services. It is not a given that all museums, hotels, parks or other places to visit are accessible to all. On the bright side, we are confident for it to happen.