chania crete

Destination Greece

Efi Daskalopoulou, the project manager of “Accessible paths”  and co-founder of  developed with Intermedi@KT team an online mapping platform,  with reviews and recommendations for a wide variety of entertaiment options and accommodation in Greece for people with physical disabilities. This mapping platform is an electronic compass, that includes areas where people with physical disabilities can locate points of interest(abbr. POI), based on crowdsourced reviews.
The name of the Platform “Prosvasis” was deliberately chosen. It comes from the Greek word prosvasi, a modernization of the ancient Greek term prosvasis (πρόσβαση-πρόσβασις) which means access.

Efi aims for the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in an inclusive and sustainable world that embraces humanity in all its diversity. Her philosophy is to enable fellow citizens to assist an entire social group with just a few clicks.
We would like to present to you our team’s work for the improvement of quality of life of our fellow citizens with physical disabilities.