Christmas wish list

Accessible Travel Wish list

Accessible Travel Wish list

What do you want for Christmas?


Everybody has dreams and wishes, and what better time of the year than the holidays to buy that perfect gift for one another. A great moment to present the travel products featured here at AccessibleTravel.Online.

disneyland paris xmas
Planning a weekend getaway or a longer trip – there are some great products out there that can make your trip so much easier


The products or services we like to present to you are literally life changing as independence is at stake. It makes the difference whether to go visit a place or not. For instance, the portable and foldable ramp you find at our products section is a lightweight product, shipped throughout the EU and can be taken on an airplane as carry on luggage.

Portable ramp

This great lightweight and portable ramp is called the Stepless Lite – a musthave for seasoned travelers. Easy to take along and easy to use. The foldable ramp has an anti slip coating. It gives a lot of freedom to move around. One of our favorites!

For travelers and businesses

This ramp is available for travelers as well as businesses. If you see a shop or a restaurant without, recommend the store manager to install this portable lightweight ramp.

Accessible Travel Wish list


This app has become a customer services revolution

The free app allows you to request visits to participating venues, indicating the areas you need customer service to have awareness of and the specific assistance you require.

Venues are notified of the visit request and receive an overview of your condition and top tips to aid their interaction with you.

If you can use this app because you live in the UK, or you have experience in using it, please let us know in the comments. Imagine how wonderful it could be doing your holiday shopping and not to worry about the stores you want to go to!

video of the Welcome app at Jenners department store in the UK
how its being used to help young children meet Santa

To the beach

We all love the beach! It is not a given though for everyone to go to the beach. Wheels and sand, it is not working. Beach Trax, invented by Kelly and her team in San Diego, California can make your beach visit worth while.

These portable, lightweight Beach Trax are shipped worldwide and are easy to take along in your car. What a great gift it would be for wheelchair users around the world if beach hotels and resorts, restaurants and beach clubs would have their set ready to use!

crissy field beach trax
You can find Beach Trax for instance at the NP Crissy Beach in San Francisco, overlooking the famous Golden Gate bridge

Transfer SLING

This handy pack is a musthave for all travelers. The ADAPTS, a multi purpose transfer sling is one of the greatest inventions for travelers with a disability.

ADAPTS Portable transfer sling

Creator Robin Wearley, a former flight attendant, says “There is no affordable assistive device available in the marketplace today that carries wheelchair users or the injured down a narrow aisle to emergency exits during an airplane evacuation, according to ADAPTS LLC research…until now.”

Not only in emergency situations the ADAPTS is a great solution; it is useful in any transfer situation. Going on a boat, using a pool or a visit to the dentist.

Visit our Facebookpage Offers tab to receive 15% discount on your order. The ADAPTS is shipped worldwide.

Plan your travels

To dream about your next holiday or plan your visit to accessible destinations, you need a 2020 travel calendar. The ATO Offices have put together a great calendar with breathtaking photos for you. You can find all contact information on the calendar so you can save tons of time, as you can email or call the offices directly to book your next trip. And what a great gift it makes!

accessible travel calendar 2020

Take a shower

Going on a trip – surviving airports and airplanes, long taxi rides – you probably will stay in a hotel or a lodge. What if the bathroom is not too accessible, even though you thought it would be? Rick Goldstein from Tucson Arizona did not want to wait until all hotels would have accessible bathrooms and created a portable, foldable shower chair, the Go Anywhere Chair.

portable foldable shower chair
Shower chair Go Anywhere Chair

Your Wish List

We are interested in your Wish List, feel free to share your wish in the comments. Some of you maybe need more apps to improve your travels, others need specific assistive devices. More awareness about assistance dogs, hidden disabilities, better accessibility in theaters and during events and festivals.

Your wish can be small. It can be enormous. Please share yours! Hopefully the next technology experts or product suppliers are reading this wish list and takes action.

accessible travel wish list
“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”
Maya Angelou

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