Traveling with medication, with an assistance dog, or visually/hearing impaired

We created 4 documents for you that can be helpful when you travel. It is easy to order a drink, or ask directions, but when it comes to explaining about your assistance dog, your medication or your condition, the language barrier can become rather difficult to overcome.

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We advise you to keep the ATO Travel Sheets with your passport.
Take copies with you in any language you need or save them on your phone.
We provide this translation service in 15 languages. The texts are about traveling with an assistance dog, traveling with medication, traveling when you are visually or hearing impaired.

Free download

You find these Travel Sheets on each ‘general info’ country page. Go the the menu Country Guides and chose the country section you need. Feel free to download and print for yourself, or for others you think who need this.

The ATO Travel Sheets are available in the following 15 languages

BrazilChinese, Dutch, French, German, HebrewItalian, Indonesian, JapanesePortuguese (Portugal, Azores islands), Romanian, Polish, Spanish (Spain & Baleares Islands, Central America, South America), Thai and Vietnamese.

English sheets

travel and assistance dogEN (Free download)

travel and hearing impairmentEN (Free download)

travel and medicationEN (Free download)

travel and visual impairmentEN (Free download)

In the future the ATO Travel sheets will be available in more languages.

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