Translation tool – 15 languages

Translation tool 15 languages

Traveling with medication, travel with your assistance dog, or traveling when you are visually or hearing impaired

We created 4 documents for you that can be helpful when you travel. All translations have been made by native speakers.

We provide this translation service in 15 languages

The texts are about traveling with an assistance dog, traveling with medication, traveling when you are visually or hearing impaired.

Welcome in many languages

When you go to a foreign country, you not only have to face difficulties and unexpected situations when it comes to accessibility. When the day arrives you are ready to go, everything has been double or triple checked and you can relax, enjoy your adventure.

How many languages do you speak?

After you have arrived, and you survived taxis, car rentals and the accommodation check in, you are ready to live your adventure. But, let’s be honest, do you speak all the languages in the world?

Building global working local

It is often quite easy to order a drink, or ask for directions. When it comes to explaining about your need to be with your assistance dog at all times, your medication or your condition, the language barrier can become rather difficult to overcome.

Travel sheets

We advise you to keep the Travel Sheets with your passport when you travel.
Take copies with you in any language you need or save them on your phone.

Translation tool - 14 languages

Free download

You find these Travel Sheets on each ‘general info’ country page in our Country Guides. Feel free to download and print for yourself, or for others you think who need this.

Our Travel Sheets are available in the following 15 languages:










Portuguese (Portugal, Azores islands)



Spanish (Spain & Baleares Islands, Central America, South America)



English sheets

Translation tool 15 languages

In the future the travel sheets will be available in more languages.