Audio menu – restaurant service for the visually impaired

Audio menu – restaurant service

for the visually impaired … actually no. All customers can use the audio menu we create.


Restaurants are opening up again, however there are quite a few rules and regulations to consider.

Using your own phone to read – or listen to – the menu is a very hygienic way to see if your favorite salad or soup is available.

Or chocolate pie, or homemade vanilla ice cream, that coffee special you love so much or your child’s pizza choice.

Our audio menu service is in fact a great service for all customers.

In the 21st century restaurants can offer their menu in a QR version. Why don’t you?
Get your inclusive QR menu restaurant service today!

Restaurants and hotel restaurants – Audio Menu for guests with a visual impairment, easy in use for all customers

Wine and dine – everyone loves it!

QR menus are easier to use than menu’s in braille. Today, most people who are blind or visually impaired use their smartphone to navigate through information, rather than waiting for someone to read to them, or use a braille menu.

Inclusive service

Audio menus - restaurant service for the visually impaired
Danielle is ATO’s Ambassador for the Blind and Visually Impaired. She is a great fan of QR menus.

Offering your menu in braille or large font is specific customer service.

We would like to add the QR menu to your customer services. It is easy in use and easy to adjust to your wishes.

The great added value here is that all your customers can use the QR menu, making this a fully inclusive service!

Awareness of independence leads to better reviews

We can make your audio menu in a way that is appropriate to people who cannot see or read or read poorly.

Being able to use the menu for yourself will increase a feeling of welcome and more independence to many of your guests.

Accessible Travel Foundation

One of the key activities of the Accessible Travel Foundation (our non profit organization) is raising awareness. This QR audio menu service is offered worldwide and will bring that extra you want for your customers.

QR menus service for restaurants

Try the sample menu by scanning it. What’s your favorite dish?

qrcodemenu Accessible Travel Foundation
Scan the menu with
your phone camera



1 QR code = 1 menu (or wine list) – 39 euro

Custom made

Subscription service – 99 euro annual fee per menu

You can order as many languages as you need. One code is one menu. This means we create one menu in one language.

The entire menu of your restaurant will be available through one code. If you prefer our custom made QR code service, you can order a subscription and we will take care of your menu service including storage and updates.

Extras and optional

If you need the menu in 4 languages, you order 4 QR audio menus.
Please note we use Google Translate if you do not have a translation available. Subscription cancellation is 1 month before the end of the billing cycle.

How it works

A QR code (audio menu) is a digital product. We will create it for you in the right way for your customers with a visual impairment to use your restaurant menu properly.

Order your menu QR here.

Promoting your restaurant

We are very excited to work with hotels and restaurants who take accessibility seriously and will gladly promote all who do.

Danielle and assistance dog Noah at Rijksmuseum tour for the blind

All (hotel) restaurants using our audio QR menu service, will be promoted free of charge at AccessibleDiningInternational.com with a direct link to your website.

This website will go live after the first one hundred restaurants have signed up for this service.

Other services available

  • Menu in braille / large font
  • 3d printed buildings or logos