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Art around the world

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Art in the United States

John Bramblitt, a blind painter from Texas, makes the most astonishing art. Watch this video to get to know him and enjoy his work here.

John Bramblitt

Art in the United Kingdom

Rob Trent, the founder of AccessAdvisr, is also a mouth painting artist.

Find his work here.

Art in Russia

Art around the world
Kate Artist – follow her on Facebook!


Crafts in the United States

Amy Jandrisevits from Wisconsin, creates a doll looking just like you. This fantastic initiative can be supported via GoFundMe. She creates dolls for children who ‘look different’, to make them feel not so alone.

Her work is true art, dolls do look exactly like the kids who will receive the doll. Follow her work on Facebook.

Art around the world
Photo credits: Facebookpage A Doll like me

Crafts in the United Kingdom

Judith Hinsmarch makes art as Decoupage Diva and gives workshops too. 

If you like to have your work featured here, send us an email at info@accessibletravel.online.