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Traveling in a wheelchair, or when you are visually impaired, brings challenges for sure. Everybody who wants to travel though, will find a way to do so.

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‘Lightweight and Portable’.

Portable lightweight ramp. Weighs a few kg and goes on airplanes as carry on item.

Latest addition to our products and apps section: a portable lightweight ramp

Translations in 15 languages
Translated by native speakers. Info sheets about travel with dogs or medication
Welcome App
Welcome app – customer services revolution

All products here can be shipped worldwide. Please contact the companies featured here. We work proudly with our partners and suppliers and are ready to welcome more!

The Fuel Service App

Fuel service app

Traveling by road? You can use this handy Fuel Service App, available in the following countries:

fuel service app

Australia Belgium   Canada   France Germany Italy the Netherlands New Zealand Spain United Kingdom   United States

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