The terms and conditions as stated may be updated any time. Latest update has been on April 27th, 2019.

  1. Terms
    On the website the use of ‘ATO’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘AccessibleTravel.Online’ refers to the registered company AccessibleTravel.Online (trademark of
  2. Intellectual Property
    All information, whether text or image, audio or video, shared on AccessibleTravel.Online is our property and can therefore not be shared without permission granted. This is of use to any use of our material prior to the release of these Terms and Conditions and will remain valid at all time. If you find that our intellectual properties rights are violated, please email at to report your findings.
  3. Photos and videos
    that are sent to AccessibleTravel.Online via email or one of our social media accounts will be used free of rights. If you do not agree, than we recommend not to share your photos or videos for AccessibleTravel.Online to use.
  4. Accessible Travel Online is a free to use platform.
    There will be no registration charges or other fees to customers on our website.
  5. Customer Services
    To send us your photos, videos, stories, travel tips, or if you have any questions concerning your booking via AccessibleTravel.Online, please email our Customer Services via
  6. Complaints and suggestions
    Accessible travel is most successful when the traveler enjoys a relaxing trip or hotel stay. AccessibleTravel.Online shares accessibility information on theme parks, museums, parks, accommodations. If you find any info to be outdated, please contact the venue or property mentioned. If, however, you are not satisfied with any service provided by us, please let us know and we will do what we can to resolve the problems within a 60 days term. Suggestions on improving our services are welcome.
  7. Extern content
    AccessibleTravel.Online is not responsible for any content on websites that are mentioned on our website or are linked to on our website.
  8. Dutch law
    AccessibleTravel.Online is a Dutch company. Dutch law is applicable in any legal matter.
  9. Prices and Payment
    All prices on AccessibleTravel.Online are in euros.
  10. Liability 
    AccessibleTravel.Online is not to be hold liable for any terms and conditions used by our Suppliers, i.e. hotels, apartments, travel agents. If you agree to a booking one of the accommodations listed on AccessibleTravel.Online, we expect you to be allowed to make bookings and payments and that you fully understand our terms and conditions.

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