Booking a trip in 6 months

AccessibleTravel.Online was founded to give the independent traveler using a wheelchair, or the tourist with limited sight, a starting point online. He wants to travel the world, visit the highlights, book a flight and find great deals online for his favorite hotel or other accommodation. That should not be a 6 months full time job.

Online rain forest

The huge rain forest of websites offering information on accessible travel is just too large to visit. Here at AccessibleTravel.Online you don’t need to look further. Stop here and relax, find what you need, accessibility guaranteed! All information we share has been carefully checked by one of the ATO offices, whether it is accommodations, tourist sites or accessible tours offered by a travel agent specializing in accessible travel.

Accessibility benefits all

Accessibility is about such a variety of factors that you can never be conclusive. However, you can do all you can to increase the accessibility standards to the highest level possible to be of service to as many people as possible. On the other end you can start implementing company policy that a minimum level of accessibility is ensured. And, by all means, share that online, so people can prepare their visit. We strongly recommend websites keep an accessibility page in the ‘Visit’ menu or on the front page. Good information is key when planning travels.

Our Company Values

Independence | Comfort | Easy Access | Inclusion
 | Reliable | Accessible

Assistance dogs make the difference. Travel agents specializing in accessible tourism make the difference. We provide information and services to improve accessibility. Because independence is important. For everyone.

Our Business Philosophy

Accessibility can be very personal, just like your preferred taste. We don’t define that for you.  You can increase the accessibility standards to the highest level possible, on the other end you can agree on a minimum level of accessibility that is ensured.

At the ATO website you will find accessible travel information, accessible tours and accommodation and travel gear that will make your trip even better.

Ultimately we want to become the worldwide platform, giving useful and practical information for all travelers with a disability, whether they are wheelchair users, visually impaired, or people traveling with assistance dogs. ATO will be about country requirements, airline and airport facilities or accessible museums, venues, restaurants, and all those other things that make travel a real adventure.

We work with local offices – currently in Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States – to ensure that information shared has been checked. Local offices make the difference, working with hotels, museums, theme parks and other venues.

Thank you for visiting, please come back soon!

Marlies van Sint Annaland
CEO and Founder

Marlies - CEO and Founder, passionate about travelling the world
Marlies van Sint Annaland, Founder AccessibleTravel.Online