accessible travel calendar 2020

Accessible Travel Calendar 2020

Accessible Travel Calendar 2020

Breathtaking destinations in the Accessible Travel Calendar 2020

accessible travel calendar 2020
accessible travel calendar 2020

We proudly present: our 2020 calendar!

Since we are working with people all over the world, we decided to publish our own calendar. Look at these destinations! The first step in planning your next holiday is dreaming where to go, right?

Our calendar 2020 shows the most beautiful destinations to help you get started. There is no favorite here, these photos are all so breathtaking!

Every month will show you a different scenery, from Australia to Europe, from Africa to the Caribbean.

Breathtaking destinations

We love these destinations featured in the calendar. Beaches, mountains, and look at the wildlife! This full color calendar is a landscape A4 size calendar and is shipped worldwide. The calendar is only 11,99 euro (without shipping cost).

Simply go here to order yours. Or maybe one more, we think it makes a great gift under the Christmas tree!

To be sure to receive yours on time we recommend to order your calendars a few weeks before the holidays.

Support charity

We will donate 50% to charity for every calendar sold.

Order yours today

Order in Dutch (even if you don’t speak any)

You need a little help here, as the system to order is in Dutch. We could not change it. Sorry about that! If you cannot figure it out please scroll down to use the Cart in English to order your travel calendar 2020 and we will order it for you.

Via this page you can order as many calendars as you need!

It will open in a new screen so you can stay on this page to follow the instructions below. It is in Dutch. At the button ‘Aantal‘ you fill in the number of calendars you need. Proceed to click on ‘Bestellen’ (Order).

These are the 4 steps to follow:

  • Winkelwagen (Cart)
  • Gegevens (name and address and shipping address)
  • Afrekenen (Payment)
  • Bevestiging (when your payment has been accepted, you will see a confirmation message that you will receive an email with details of our order).
  • ATO travel calendar 2020

Order in English

Travel Calendar 2020

To order the calendar you click on ‘Add this item to your cart’. Then you need to scroll down again until you see your cart as the page will show from the top.

Europe (within the EU)

accessible travel calendar 2020

Travel Calendar 11.99 + 9.65
Shipping within the EU

Worldwide (outside EU)

accessible travel calendar 2020

Travel Calendar 11.99 + 18.85
Shipping international (outside EU)

Depending on your location, shipping cost and delivery time may vary. Make sure you order on time for the holidays!