3 dec VN dag

Today, December 3rd,  it is the 25th anniversary of Disability Rights Day.

Let’s go into action mode. No more discussing, evaluating, endless meetings, bureaucracy.

Stop thinking in cost

Stop asking for numbers. How many people? How much does accessibility cost?
Social entrepreneurs can’t tell you that. Because they build inclusive businesses. They include accessibility in budgets. Secret to their success?
They know that if there is one person in a family who needs wheelchair access or other accessible facilities, the entire family will chose their hotel, restaurant or shop. Accessibility is about families. About all of us.

Global figures

Global figures give an estimate of 15% of the world population when disabilities numbers are studied. Think in a different perspective. Not only wheelchair users need a ramp to get into a store or a restaurant. Suppliers, parents with strollers, older people using mobility scooters. Recalculating 15% becomes 30% quickly. And that is talking about ramps only. If you know about assistance dogs, you will welcome them all. If you know about visual or hearing impairments, you will make the necessary changes easily.

Accessible tourism market

For the tourism industry accessibility should be top priority. In the beginning of the 21st century there are many babyboomers, who have retired. They have the money and time to go travel the world. They do need comfort, easy access and more help related facilities. Be first, put accessibility on your top priority list. It will bring you much and more!