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On Accessible Travel Online we work with accessible travel agents who offer accessible tours all over the world. This Spring we shared a great tour to Portugal (organised by Pushliving).

Our Partner Sano Touring in Romania, has set up a tour to show you the most beautiful places in custom made setting for seniors and slow walkers. All info about the tours you find here: the 6 nights tour Senior tour in Transylvania_ATO_NL 6 nachten SEPT and the 12 nights tour: Senior tour in Romania_ATO_NL 12 nachten SEPT.

Tour dates:

6 nights tour 18-24 September
12 nights tour  18-30 September

The information available via our download links is in Dutch. If you are a group of 8, or more, it is no problem to organise the tour for you with a private guide hosting the tour in your language (English, French, German). Please let us know about your group to make proper arrangements.

6 or 12 nights tour in Romania

We invite you to enjoy our 6 days tour through breathtaking Transylvania, with its magnificent landscapes, such as Fagaras Mountains, Prahova Valley, cozy accommodation in medieval cities like Sibiu, old city of Alba Iulia, historic center of Sighisoara, part of UNESCO heritage, always surprising Brasov, or wonderful traditions inherited and well-kept by friendly people from Marginimea Sibiului and Bran.
We especially designed this tour for slow walkers and seniors and we are sure that this is a very nice and warm special tour!

There is no doubt that these three regions of Romania – Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina – gather cultural and historical heritage from Romanian, German and Hungarian people, creating a unique mix of cities, traditions, crafts and lifestyles. But let’s not forget about landscapes, some of them found only here: gorges created by tumultuous rivers, high plateaus sprinkled with sheep and cows that will provide you milk or other natural products, hills caressed by the gentle sun and many others!

Tips & Tricks

Best seasons for this tour: beautiful in every season, but we recommend it during the summer or autumn. The climate in Romania is temperate, with 4 seasons. Summer can be very warm, in July and August the temperatures might reach 37-39 degrees Celsius. Early autumn – September – mid October is pleasant, with sunny days and a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Age: doesn’t matter as long as you have a young soul

Clothing & accessories: comfortable clothes, a hat should be useful, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, a small bag for documents and money

Food and drinks: many people say that the Romanians eat very well, so it is worth trying a traditional meal. Traditional dishes are sour soups (with meatballs, pork, beef, vegetables), meat rolls in cabbage or vine, “mici”, stews of meat and potatoes or other vegetables, fruit cakes. Local drinks are “țuica”, ”palinca”, wine, but indigenous beers are also recommended. In the mountain areas, there is a tradition of preparing various specialties of cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk or buffalo milk – “Telemea” cheese, ewe-cheese, green cheese, “Burduf” cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, sour cream.

South America

In South America, you can book this amazing tour in the Amazon in Ecuador, or visit the Galapagos Islands. If the Machu Picchu is on your ToGoTo list, you can book a tour to Peru.

Tour dates:

Peru 20 – 30 October 2018

Ecuador  2 – 13 September 2018

This is what you can expect on your Ecuador tour:

Highlights   Amazon 7 days

Engage, dance, and eat with an indigenous community in the Amazon
Discover the misterious world of the Amazon
Raft the amazon rivers with a native guide
Visit Quito’s Colonial Center, declared World Culture Heritage
Visit the middle of the world and straddle the line separating the northern and southern
hemispheres at the ¨Mitad del Mundo¨ monument

Highlights   Galapagos 5 days

Admire the famous blue-footed boobies
Share time with playful sea lions
Enjoy snorkeling at Kicker Rock

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