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Germany, Austria, Switzerland

21.000 accessible toilets in 1 app: in German-speaking countries alone (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) more than 21,000 accessible toilets have already been reported and can be accessed at any time via the HandicapX app.

Alex, CEO of HandicapX, says: “In order to always provide our users with the best possible data quality, we editorially review all new reported data or changes.”


“We would like to expand the HandicapX App network beyond the German-speaking and European borders.

For this purpose, the HandicapX App is not only available in German, but also in English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese.

This feature enables the reporting and display of 247 countries and regions of the world!”


“Accessible toilets – always and everywhere at the push of a button”- that was our vision at the start of the HandicapX app.
A vision that has largely become reality today!”

Alex, CEO HandicapX

Detailed information and toilet ratings

Using the HandicapX App, you always have more than 21.000 accessible toilets available at your fingertips.

But more than that – the HandicapX app not only provides you with GPS-accurate information on where accessible toilets are located, but also other important information – such as Euro keys, emergency call, automatic doors, e-wheelchair accessible and opening hours.

In addition, users can comment on each entry and rate it according to cleanliness, accessibility, findability and equipment.

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Today we need you!

We are looking for people with disabilities who want to become part of this network and report the accessible toilets they know about via the HandicapX app.

Core contents of the HandicapX app are three functions

“Near me”, “Find a toilet” and “Report a toilet”

  • Function “Near me”: This function shows you at the touch of a button which accessible toilets are located in your immediate vicinity. All accessible toilets within a radius of a few kilometers from your current position are displayed on a map or as a list. Zooming and swiping is possible on the map, but no additional locations will be loaded.
  • Function “Search toilet”: If you want to see accessible toilets far away from your current position or outside your current radius, you can use this function. Select a country and a city and all available accessible toilets will be displayed. This function is very helpful when planning your trip and saves you a lot of time-consuming research.
  • Function “Report toilet”: What would a network be without the ability to also report new locations of accessible toilets to share with other users. With the “Report Toilet” feature you have this opportunity to report accessible toilets in over 247 countries and regions around the world directly through the HandicapX app.

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Current overview / statistics of all already reported locations:


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the HandicapX App (german):

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